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FVALX - Class N Share

FVILX - Class I Share

Inception Date 9/9/99
Objective Maximum long-term capital growth
Strategy The Fund invests in the stocks of large U.S. companies that it believes are undervalued and have great appreciation potential. It may also take defensive positions when the manager believes that the overall stock market is highly valued or that market conditions warrant it. The Fund generally purchases a stock only at a price Forester Capital Management ("Forester Capital"), the Fund’s investment manager deems significantly below the intrinsic value of the company. At times, the Fund may buy stock index put options to provide downside protection.

We generally buys stocks for the Fund that have what we believe is exceptional appreciation potential, due to the stock’s price being significantly below the intrinsic value of the company. We view these stocks as bargain stock and seek to purchase the best bargain stocks in each market sector. This diversifies the portfolio while maintaining the focus on bargain stocks.

For the Fund, we buy more earnings, assets and dividends than the overall market, with each investment dollar. This allows the Fund to start with a lead versus the market and not have to rely as much on future growth.



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