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Archive of Past Headlines


Bloomberg "The week that rocked stock markets" 2/9/18 on Tom Forester commentary 6/8/17


Wall Street Journal Tom Forester quoted on economic outlook 5/2/17


Barrons Tom Forester quoted on FedEx 3/20/17


Investment news Tom Forester quoted in "The Trump Effect" 1/30/17


Forbes Wally Forbes interviews Tom Forester 8/30/16


Wall Streeet Journal "MarketBeat" quotes Tom Forester 7/7/16


USA Today cites Tom Forester on Fed 5/25/16


The Street interviews Tom Forester (video) 5/25/16


CNBC Tom Forester on Squawk Box (video) 5/25/16


Wall Street Journal Tom Forester quoted in front-page story 2/26/16


Barron's "Ahead of the Crowd" with Tom Forester (video) 2/12/16


The Street interviews Tom Forester (video) 2/10/16


Forbes "How Value Investor Tom Forester is playing defense" 1/20/16


GuruFocus carries Forester Value Quarterly Update 1/11/16


Ignites FVALX in coverage of liquid-alts returns in August, 10/8/15


CNN Money Tom Forester quoted in "Stockwatch" 9/17/15


Fund Reference interview with Tom Forester 7/23/15


Financial Times carries story on FVALX 2/19/15


Forbes Wally Forbes interviews Tom Forester on FVALX 2/12/15


Barron's Tom Forester cited in "Weekday Trader" 2/11/15


Reuters TV "Investment Strategies" interview with Tom Forester 2/10/15


The Street interviews Tom Forester (video) 2/5/15


Bloomberg Tom Forester quoted on investment environment 1/5/15


Reuters TV "Investment Strategies" interview with Tom Forester 9/22/14


The Street interviews Tom Forester (video) 9/10/14


CNBC Tom Forester on "Closing Bell" (video) 9/10/14

Forbes Wally Forbes interviews Tom Forester on FVALX 9/4/14

Kiplingers Tom Forester quoted in cover story 5/6/14


Forbes "How to make money in any market" interview 12/5/13


Reuters TV "Wealth Strategies" interview with Tom Forester 9/16/13


Bloomberg Tom Forester among "standout value managers" 7/26/13


USA Today FVALX cited in "Long-Short Funds" 4/19/13


MarketWatch Tom Forester quoted in Q1 review 4/1/13


Barrons Tom Forester quoted in "Weekday Trader" 3/12/13


CNN Money Tom Forester quoted in "Investor's Guide 2013" 1/15/13


Bloomberg Tom Forester in "2013 Investing issue" 12/24/12

Moneylife Radio Interview with Tom Forester 12/5/12

The Street Tom Forester quoted on "No. 2 stocks" 11/26/12

Smart Money Tom Forester quoted in "Runner-up" stocks 8/15/12

Wall Street Journal Tom Forester quoted in "Money & Investing"8/14/12

Wall Street Journal FVALX cited in "Smart Money Report" 7/10/12

NY Times Tom Forester quoted on foreign markets 7/7/12

Fortune Tom Forester surveyed among "great investors" 7/2/12

NY Times Tom Forester quoted in"Fundamentally" column 6/10/12

CNBC Tom Forester on "Power Lunch" (video) 6/5/12

NY Times Tom Forester quoted in" Mutual Funds" column 4/7/12

Wall Street Journal Tom Forester quoted in"Weekend Investor"12/31/11

CNBC Tom Forester on "Squawk Box" (video) 12/28/11

Fortune Tom Forester quoted in "Investor's Guide 2012" 12/26/11

Tom Forester quoted in Chicago Tribune 11/6/11

Morningstar interviews Tom Forester 10/13/11

NY Times "Tom Forester quoted in 'Fundamentally" column" 10/09/11

Kiplinger FVALX among best low risk stock funds 10/5/11

Kiplinger "My favorite low risk stock funds" 9/13/11

The Street on Forester Discovery (INTLX) 9/12

Wall Street Journal FVALX among "Category Kings" 9/7/11

Associated Press on Forester Value 8/25/11

Fortune "Term Sheet" on FVALX in downturn/rebound 8/15/11

Morningstar FVALX among funds "Playing a good defense" 8/10/11

Reuters "As swift bear market bit, some funds were prepared" 8/9/11

Wall Street Journal Tom Forester quoted in "Markets coverage" 8/8/11

NY Times Tom Forester quoted in "Markets coverage" 8/5/11

Morningstar Tom Forester quoted in "Talking Points" 7/18/11

Morningstar FVALX highlighted in "Five-Star-Investor" 6/22/11

CNBC Tom Forester on "Closing Bell" (video) 5/26/11

NY Times Tom Forester quoted in "Mutual funds report" 4/10/11

TheStreet "INTLX & FVALX among 2011 Best Mutual Funds" 4/25/11

Fortune"No party for health care investors one year later" 3/23/11

Fortune "5 Reasons to go the distance with Marathon Oil" 2/14/11

NY Times "Tom Forester quoted in 'Fundamentally" column" 12/12/10

CBS MoneyWatch "Against the Grain-Forester picks for 2011" 12/7/10

Morningstar "Roundtable webcast - Tom Forester"12/6/10

Morningstar "'s Ideas Week" 12/6/10

TheStreet "Funds That Deliver in Downturns" 11/25/10

CNBC "Bargain shopping: Big-name stocks look like values" 11/23/10

Chicago Sun-Times "Forester acts on good fundamentals" 11/14/10

Boston Globe "Holding cash is part of their plan" 11/14/10

CBS MoneyWatch "Tom Forester is one of 6 Ace Investors" 10/28/10

NewJerseyNewsroom "FVALX among 'perfect' mutual funds" 10/18/10

NY Times "Tom Forester quoted in "Fundamentally" column  10/3/10

CNN/Money "Tom Forester quoted in 'The Buzz' on JNJ"  9/30/2010

CNBC "Many Happy Returns 5 Dividend Stocks for Retirees"  9/03/10

Kiplinger "7 Bargain Stocks You Can Feel Good About Now"  8/19/10

USNews "FVALX: among "Funds for Skittish Investors"  8/02/10

Reuters "US company revenue shortfalls fuel slowdown fears"  7/21/10

LA Times "Strategies in shaky times...Now what?"  7/11/10

NY Times "Ways to Protect your Portfolio from Market Volatility"  7/8/10

SmartMoney "Investing Advice for Second Half of 2010"  6/29/10

Reuters "Wall St slumps as economy fears resurface"  6/29/10

Research "Nine Funds to Rid Out a Double Dip"  6/23/10

Morningstar Interview "Tom Forester-Playing Defensive"  6/23/10

Barron's "Storm Watch - Barron's profile of Forester Value"  6/21/10

Fortune "Retire Rich: Money Managers with gold-standard track record"  6/7/10

Motley Fool "A Conservative Fund for Thrill Seekers"  6/4/10

MSN Money "7 Funds to help make investing BEARable"  5/27/10

SmartMoney "Should You Pay for Fund Manager Experience?"  5/23/10

USNews "100 Best Mutual Funds for Long Term"  5/19/10

Morningstar "Analysis of Forester Value "Tom Forester"  3/22/2010

CBS MoneyWatch "Against the grain/health-care stocks"  3/22/2010

TheStreet "Consumer Stocks, Laggards, May Start to Lead"  3/19/2010

Money "Tom Forester: Finding Value in a Pricey Market"  Mar Issue

BusinessWeek "INTLX: Funds that Rode the Bear and Bull"  2/22/10

St LouisPost "Value or growth? Investors face a challenge"  2/7/10

FinancialNewsUK "Forester sees value in consumer staples 2/1/10

Reuters "Wall St rebounds after ISM manufacturing data"  2/1/10

Fortune "Returning to Health: Health-care stocks"  Feb Issue

SmartMoney "Spotting Stock Buys When the Market's Up"  Feb Issue

MarketWatch "Manager guards against housing double-dip"  1/19/10

CNBC Tom Forester on "Closing Bell"  1/13/10

Kiplinger's FVALX in "How to Protect Your Profits" Jan '10 Issue

WSJ "Mutual Funds Find Redemption in 2009"  12/30/09

12/15/09 - Dividend Payout - Value Fund - Class I - $ 0.0592

12/15/09 - Dividend Payout - Discovery Fund - $ 0.0832

Money Magazine "Know When to Fold 'Em" (p49)  Nov Issue

CNN Money "Make money in 2010: Your Investments11/12/09

Barron's Online "A Tutorial in Defensive Investing11/3/09

Kiplinger " 7 Ways to Protect Your Stock-Market Gains"  11/1/09

Minyanville  Tom Forester quoted on Altria  10/20/09

FORTUNE Investor Daily "Tom Forester on Healthcare Stocks" 10/19/09

MSN Money "Finding Value After a Market Run" 10/16/09

CBS MoneyWatch "Tom Forester in Against the Grain" 10/15/09

CNBC Squawk Box Tom Forester in Five-Star Investors 10/13/09

Chicago Tribune Tom Forester in "Your Money" 10/11/09

CNBC Tom Forester on "Closing Bell" 10/7/09

Successful Investing Core Holdings are the Foundation 10/7/09

WSJ Forester Value among leaders in Fund Quarterly 10/5/09

Money Magazine X-Ray column 'Chasing Google' (pg 64) Oct Issue

Investment News Investment Insights column on Forester 9/21/09 "Look for Low Drawdowns in Mutual Funds" 8/31/09

Chicago Tribune Tom Forester in 'Successful Investing' 8/27/09

CNN/Money The Buzz "Finding Cheap Health Insurance Stocks" 8/21/09

Fox Business Network' "Looking at Large Caps" 8/7/09

CNBC WSJ Report' "Interview with Tom Forester" (video) 8/6/09 FVALX highlighted in concentrated funds 7/13/09

Morningstar 'Fund Spy' FVALX "Funds on Drugs" 7/10/09 Tom Forester in 'Five Spot' Interview 7/9/09

Wall Street Journal FVALX cited in 'Winners Circle' 7/6/09

USA Today INTLX, FVALX 'Quarterly Mutal Fund Guide' 7/6/09

PBS 'Nightly Business Report' "Of Mutual Interest" 6/9/09

MORNINGSTAR video Interview of TOM FORESTER by Jason Stipp

 " Is it Time to Get More Aggressive?" 5/27/09

Motley Fool "What It Takes to Win in a Losing Market" 5/26/09

PBS "Consuelo Mack WealthTrack" 5/8/09

CNBC "Closing Bell" (video) 5/1/09

AP Story - Oakland Tribune "Managing Mutuals" 4/30/09

MarketWatch, Tom Forester earns Stockpicker of the Quarter, 4/16/09


Zacks, Top Equity Income Funds, 4/8/09

Wall Street Journal, Focused Funds, 4/6/09

Wall Street Journal, Winning=Losing, 4/5/09

Business Week, Growth lived large in 1Q, 4/2/09, Four Firms Ripe for the Taking, 3/27/09

USA Today, Time to Buy a Value Fund, 3/20/09

Bloomberg TV, Pimm Fox show, 3/18/09

Smart Money, Buy, Sell, Hold, March, 2009

CNBC, Erin Burnett, Time to get Constructive?, 3/4/09

US News & World Report, Q&A with Tom Forester, March 2009

Wall Street Journal, 2008's Lonely Fund Success, 2/27/09

Money, New lessons from the crash

Fortune, The safety of Travelers

Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Surveillance, 2/18/09

Wealthtrack with Consuelo Mack, The Frugal Future, 1/30/09

Time, 2008's No. 1 Stock Picker

Wall Street Journal, Ignoring Diamonds, How did we miss Forester Value?

Smart Money, 7 New Funds Worth Keeping an Eye On

Investment News, Sole Fund Winner in 2008

Bloomberg TV, Best in Class, Forester Value

CNBC, Closing Bell with Mario Bartiromo, Value vs. Growth

New York Times, Invest in Blue Chips and Cash at the Same Time, '08 Fund Winner: Focus on Top-Line Growth in '09, Fund of the Year, Large Cap

Barron's, Three Winning Fund Strategies (Sort of)

Financial News, Early lessons made Forester one in 10,000

Washington Post, Bleak Year Brought Almost No Winners

CNNMoney, The best investor of 2008 is buying

Chicago Sun-Times, Last man standing in 2008

Morningstar, Did Health Care Help These Funds in 2008?

Wall Street Journal, One Fund in 1,700 Made Money in '08, p. R2

Barron's, Just How Is It Different This Time?

Boston Globe, Caution was watchword in '08

Fortune, Investor's Guide 2009, Roundtable Expert

CNBC, 5 Star Stock Strategy, Erin Burnett

Fortune, Stock Picks From the Experts

Financial Planning, The Happy Investor

Barron's, Some Funds are Winners

Kiplinger, The Leader of the Pack

Wall Street Journal, Are U.S. Stocks Cheap Yet?

Forbes, Intelligent Investing

Money, 10 Market Pros Take on 2009

USA Today, Some Diversified Funds do well

Motley Fool, What It Takes to Win In a Losing Market

Kiplinger, Stock Watch

Investor's Business Daily, Lower Stock Prices Turn Some Bears to Buyers

Barron's, We're All Stockpickers Now

Forbes, Forester Value Beats S&P

SmartMoney, Year's Top Manager Shares His Secrets

SmartMoney, Forester Value Win Streak

Marketwatch, How To Outsmart A Not-So-Average Bear TV, Forester Value Fund

New York Times, Investing like Buffett, Forester, Hussman Defy Market Meltdown

Forbes, Forester in a buying mood

CNNMoney, Making money in this market

Barron's, What's the best way out of here?

Fortune, What investors should do now

Morningstar, Fund Times

Smart Money (Barron's) Forester Value Fund up 7%

Business Week, Travelers

Washington Post, Strong results


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