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Forester Value Fund

The Forester Value Fund was the “One Fund in 1,700 Made Money in ‘08” according to the Wall Street Journal, 1/5/09, (R2).

The Fund was the Smart Fund of the Year (Large Cap). Our obsession with risk control paid off greatly this year as we beat the market on the downside. However, just as noteworthy, we beat the market when it rallied from 11/21/08 - 12/31/08. The Fund returned about 23% while the S&P 500 only returned 20%.

The Forester Value Fund was proud to have earned the top spot for 2008, 2004 and 2002 in Morningstar’s Large Cap Value category.

The Fund generally buys stocks with exceptional appreciation potential, due to the stock’s price being significantly below the intrinsic value of the company. The Fund views these stocks as bargain stocks.

The Fund seeks to purchase the best bargain stocks in each market sector. This diversifies the portfolio while maintaining the focus on bargain stocks.   The Fund buys more earnings, assets and dividends than the overall market, with each investment dollar. This allows the Fund to start with a lead versus the market and not have to rely as much on future growth.

The Fund focuses on stock fundamentals, instead of the psychology surrounding an individual stock.


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